pizza cone machine

We are manufacturer and supplier of Pizza cone machine. We have supplied pizza cone machines in various cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Srinagar, Bangalore, Raipur. The pizza cone machine have been exported to USA, Middle east and Many African countries.

Cone pizza machines

Our pizza cone machine are made using CNC technology. It has high accuracy mould, which gives uniform thickness and high consistency. Our machines move on three points which make it operation very smooth. You can use mould freely without balancing problems.

Pizza cone machine models

Pizza cone machine is an heater cum moulding machine. It mould pizza base in conical shape and bake it simultaneously. Our pizza cone machine is available in 2 mould and 4 mould configuration. The machine is simple to operate and it requires only 1 skilled worker to operate the machine. You can further read instruction on how to use pizza cone machine.

We have 3 types of pizza cone machine:

  • 2 mould machine
  • 4 mould machine
  • 4 mould screw type machine
four mould pizza cone machine

four mould pizza cone machine

2 mould pizza cone machine

2 mould pizza cone machine

Benefits of using Pizza cone machine

  • Same chewiness and crispness as in hand-tossed — Our Pizza cone machine assures the taste and consistency of pizza cone as same in a hand-tossed base. The machine can be set at a right temperature to give you the best, crispy and chewy cones just like home made.
  • Portable – Machines are very important to take care of in business. Many times it is needed to shift machines for one reason to other. Hence, a portable machine eases the way these are handled. Our Mould machines come with wheels and can be moved easily from one place to other. This reduces efforts one has to put to shift these machines.
  • Less time consumption – In today’s world, time is money. Under a business scenario, orders need to be completed soon with rapid manual and artificial staff. Our pizza cone machines makes 200 cones per hour which fulfill the requirement of big outlets as well.
  • Easy to clean – This machine comes with automatic cleaning system inbuilt. This saves manual work as you need not to go in traditional dish washing. Also, the insulation provided on the top of machine helps it preventing from sticking around which makes it more easy to clean.
  • Design – This machine is provided with trendy design, well-made body and durable structure. We make complete body with stainless steel. This helps easy maintenance of machine and prevents it from decaying and rusting.

Pizza cone machine training

We provide full training for using pizza cone machine. The training include usage of machine and recipes. Training can be provided free of charge at our factory. You can also opt for onside training on chargeable basis.

The training include

  • Usage instruction for pizza cone machine
  • Pizza cone dough recipe
  • filling recipe
  • baking guide

You can also learn more about pizza cone making here.

Pizza cone machine accessories

The whole process of making pizza cone using machine required additional equipment. The two most common equipment are

  1. Pizza cone oven
  2. Pizza cone display warmer
Extrnal rotation pizza cone oven

Extrnal rotation pizza cone oven

internal cone oven

Internal rotation pizza cone oven

These are specially designed to handle pizza cone baking and selling process.

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